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2022 Data Releases

CVFS data on mental health and mental illness have been released. Data and documentation for “DS42 Time 3 Individual Interview Nepal-CIDI Data (Release A), Restricted-Use” are now available through ICPSR.

Additional documentation including a complete Principal Investigator (PI) codebook can be found on this website here.

Past webinars related to the data can be viewed from the CVFS website as well, including:

Upcoming Data Releases

  • 2016 Mother Survey Data
  • 2016 Mother Calendar Data
  • 2016 Child Health Survey Data
  • 2016 Child Anthropometric Data
  • 2016 Individual Interview Nepal-CIDI Mental Health/Illness Data (Release B)
  • 2019 Improving Learning Data
  • Household Registry Data at 241+ Months
  • 2019 Mother, Child Health, and Child Anthropometric Data

Ongoing Fieldwork

  • Young Adult Health Study Web Survey
  • Household Registry