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Economic Uses of Forest Plant Resources in Western Chitwan, Nepal

Publication Abstract

Dangol, Dharma Raj. 2002. “Economic Uses of Forest Plant Resources in Western Chitwan, Nepal.” Banko Janakari 12(2):56-64.

This paper discusses economic uses of forest plant resources documented from 117 forest plots and neighboring areas of western Chitwan, Nepal. The paper lists information on the plant species (1) that provide valuable food, vegetable and medicinal products that maintain human health and general well-being of the households; (2) that are economically valuable to farmers such as high-grade fodder, useful plants for crop management (e.g., pesticide, compost, green manure); (3) that are used as piscicide (harvest fish from rivers and streams), (4) that provide materials for use in household construction (e.g. building materials, thatch) and tool making; and (5) that have aesthetic value. The access to forest resources is important for many households, especially those living in remote and poor agricultural areas such as Western Chitwan. This paper also highlights the availability of the species wherever possible based upon the field data.

PMCID: PMC3469582